The Walking Dead & My Wife

Do people really watch ‘The Walking Dead’ with an open mouth, as if Zombies will be a way of life one day and they must prepare themselves for that day from this TV Series?

Or is it just my wife?


Her Make-Up Secret

Just recently found out after almost 10 years of marriage that when we have to go out and she has to look good, she never washes her face while taking a shower just before getting ready. This way she can see the area of her face making a difference with makeup applied.

Perhaps it was either a one time thing or just Me.

Imagine or Loose Argument

Just had another episode on a weekend getaway with friends when my phone was fully charged and I was making a video and taking everyone’s pictures to save a memory.

Suddenly I was supposed to, but could not ‘Imagine’ when she wanted a certain picture of hers to be taken. She made a face and I was lost stranded with my thoughts what could have gone wrong in such a beautiful weather and among lovely friends, until 2 days later when she told me what she wanted.

to make things normal again, I had to apologise for not being creative enough after 9 years of marriage, let her bite on my cheeks so I must remember in the future..!!

I am lost scratching my head ever since wondering how to avoid such episodes in future.

Am I the only Chosen One?
Has it happened to others?
Can you advise something future precautions?


Wife was not fully satisfied brushing her teeth in the morning because ‘she did not press the paste down into the brush bristles fully’ in a rush.

I tried to explain to her that it does not make a difference whether the paste is pressed inside or not. But I lost the argument when it turned out to be my sister’s fault.