How do I Look?

Whenever we have to go out, she always tries at least 8 different dresses which she deems to be appropriate out of 25 different possiblities that she sees on herself in mirror to save time.

8 out of ten times I am ready and sitting on the couch with my laptop and all I have to do is close the lid of my macbook and walk. During this time I am bombarded with a series of repeated questions and here are the simple answers I give.

How do I look in this Dress?
A: Great

Do I look fat in this one?
A; Not in this one

Is this appropriate for the occassion?
A: Try another. (She has to do it anyway)

Does this color suit me?
A: Absolutely

Am I looking any casual?
A: Not at all

What jewellery would go with this?
A: Anything suits you honey

Shall I wear boots or sandals with this?
A: Sandals

All this time I have not yet looked up at her till she comes and stand right next to me to show me the shoes she is trying on.

And we drive to the venue in silence.

I have faith.
I am not the only one.


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