What would you like for Dinner?

My wife is coming back to Melbourne today evening after being away and with her family in India for 2 months.

I want to treat her and asked: So, What would you like to have for your first dinner when you arrive back?
Her: I don’t know. You decide.
Me: Chinese?
Her: I will be tired from the long flight, so would prefer something light.
Me: Shall i cook you some Chicken Soup with Veges and Noodles like you love?
Her: No. Something more light and filling
Me: How about some Sandwiches?
Her: No. Still heavy.
Me: How about some toasted bread with some nice spread?
Her: No. Something else.
Me: Toasted Bread with Tea?
Her: OK, Listen. I will eat anything you bring provided you take me out to watch “Iron Man 3” tomorrow evening.
Me: …..!!!??


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