How Magnets Work..!?


Out of many pleasantries and gift, my wife brought one of this necklaces from India. The necklace is made of two parts that can be joined together making it a long chain or a shorter chain with a wrap around for your wrist. It actually is quiet nice and beautiful yellow color.

I put two sides of the same poles of magnets in front of each other and asked her: Hey look, it is faulty, the magnets suddenly are not working anymore.
Wife: Oh come on! Don’t be a smart ass with me. You are just not doing it right.
Me: What do you mean?
Wife: You have to change sides.
Me: Good. Now that you know, explain me why.
Wife: It is because one of the magnets are supposed to “Attract” and the other one is supposed to “Stick” to the one that attracts. You have to do it right to make them work.

I couldn’t stop laughing for a few minutes before she snatched it back and I explained to her the whole north and south pole + electromagnetic current theories.


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