My Wife Charging iPhone 5 on IOS7

IOS7 is a cool interface recently released by Apple Inc. with soothing colors and zoom in+out effecta when accessing an application.

However it has posed some issues for people on iPhone 5. There is a restriction for only the genuine lightning usb cables to be used. However there is a way around I found people posting it online on various blogs.

My Wife has got an iPhone 5 running on IOS7..! And she get ‘Very Stressed’ when the battery level reaches 40%. She just stops using whatsapp, facebook, sms ir even using her phone to take or make calls.

Last night she could not get her phone to get charging before going to bed. Thus, I was the culprit to have got her this phone and in devil’s name update it for her to latest version IOS7.

I tried for a few times and when It was not working, I googled it and found the way around. Its a simple procedure:

    Plug in the cable while the phine is locked,
    Dismiss the notice that says accessory not supported (this will unlock the phone),
    Dismiss any other similar notice on home screen,
    Pull out the cable, and plug it back in,
    Dismiss any new notice that says accessory not supported.
    VOILA..! Thats All.

She came back from work and has called me ten times to give her instructions for her battery first was 42%, and by the time she couldn’t find the right way to charge the phone and did not want to talk to me anymore, it was 14%.

She is now angry at Me, and more at the Apple as a whole company of uneducated people who have hired stupid developers because of who, she can not charge her phone this time.

Dear Apple Developers, please have have mercy on husbands for many not technology savvy wives have iPhones too.


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