I am held Guilty for someone else

In practice of another trial of pleasing my wife for being married to ‘The Great Myself’, I took her out for a movie last night.

Lead Actor was shown to have had a difficult past that changed his perceptional attitude to many concepts and relations. But he says some very simple things truthfully without hurting the other person and with no objections taken.

He was asked a question about why he is so interested in a bank robbery in context. To which, he simply mimicks a dialogue from famous Amitabh Bachan movie ‘Deewar’, and says, ‘my mother hand picked bricks when the bank was constructed..’. It was funny enough, till I got pinched and I cant scream.

It was the Wife. She bent towards me and said, ‘so this is the kind of movies where you learn how to say and what to say to me…’. And she bends towards the ither side of the chair leaving me speechless and cursing the director, script and dialogue writer for my paining arm..


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