Imagine or Loose Argument

Just had another episode on a weekend getaway with friends when my phone was fully charged and I was making a video and taking everyone’s pictures to save a memory.

Suddenly I was supposed to, but could not ‘Imagine’ when she wanted a certain picture of hers to be taken. She made a face and I was lost stranded with my thoughts what could have gone wrong in such a beautiful weather and among lovely friends, until 2 days later when she told me what she wanted.

to make things normal again, I had to apologise for not being creative enough after 9 years of marriage, let her bite on my cheeks so I must remember in the future..!!

I am lost scratching my head ever since wondering how to avoid such episodes in future.

Am I the only Chosen One?
Has it happened to others?
Can you advise something future precautions?


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